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Permanently Closed
Thank you for all the support!
You allowed us to positively impact the lives of many in our communities!

When you come home with pizza, you're everybody's hero!

Sometimes it can be difficult to make everyone happy when eating out.

Papa P's has your back!

Our menus include Subs, Mexican Dishes, Pastas, Soups, Breadsticks & Other Sides, and of course PIZZA! 

Children's Menu - ✔

Lunch Buffets - ✔

Desserts - ✔

Quality Ingredients - ✔

All of our locations have Dine-In, Take Out, and Delivery.

fresh ingredients.jpg

Purpose Driven, Community Support, Service To Others, and a Family Fun Environment

More than just great food...

PTSD Foundation of America

Community Centered

Family Fun Environment


"Providing Hope and Healing For The Unseen Wounds of War"

25 Cents from every pizza sold is donated to PTSD Foundation of America. Nearly $4300 so far!

Our amazing employees volunteering on their day off to help clean a local park.

Our dining areas offer comfort & entertainment creating a great place to meet up and connect with friends and family.

papa ps sparta interior 2.jpg

All this is possible because of you and your support - THANK YOU!

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